Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10

Hi everyone, so how are we all doing on the pictures? Im doing good about taking them but not about getting them up so you all can see them,lol!Anyways tonight we took a walk around the lake & I just had to take a picture of the water fountain .... ive never seen one like thie but I thought it was the neatest thing,the bottom one is for your pets...... omg! What next,now dont get me wrongI love the fact that they thought about the pups .... just took me by suprise ;)
The other pic is just of the lake from one side to the other & I happened to like the way the lights hit the water.
See you tomarrow ......

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 8&9

Helloooooo .... ok so day 8 I was blinded while swinging my 2 little ones,I justcouldnt seem to get away from the sun even tho we have what seems like a million trees in our yard,so I had to take a picture of a very annoying moment.And then we have Alicia who for the last few days thinks it has been VERY funny to cover her eyes when i take a pic of her,she just laughs so hard after & tells me nanana booboo I cover my eyes,so I have to remember it,lol!
Day 9 & its not funny,lol! ok yes it is but still,I think im gonna do a layout of all the pics I have of her doing this to me.
Day 8 with a blinding sun .....
p.s.Im getting everyone linked,so if your not on the side I will get you there,if anyone has a blogroll done & would share it I would be greatful,but until then Im going 1 by 1.
Have a good day everyone & ill see you tomarrow ... late but ill post ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Layout Week 1

Wanted to post the layout seperately,here is the layout for week 1 I used SweetMades Karma Kit,but it doesnt do it justice.Ive been in a bit of a hurry were suppose to be on the way out the door to get Tylers hair cut .... so I hope you like it & cant wait to see everyone elses layouts ;) Hugs, Manda
Well I guess im not showing you now ...... bloggers being a pita & wont upload the pic I will see if I can get it up later.
WhooHoo I got it uploaded,lol!

day 5-7

OOoooOO I am so behind in posting,lol Ive been taking my pictures but not posting them,just been really busy the last couple of days,SO I am posting the last 3 days for week 1 now and I also have week 1's layout done whoohoo ;)So on with the pictures ....
Day 7 & the Pumpkins ARE growing .... whoohooDay 6 & this is just a pic of some material because I thought it would be good for texture & you can download it below if you want.Its 3264 x 2448.It is packaged for CU ;).
And day 5,preparing to make salsa & itlooked good to me & besides I needed more than one pic of veggies,lol! And no the snail pepper was not hurt in the making of this salsa ... not yet anyways ha ha!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well its day 4 How many of you are still keeping up? Im still having fun with this,however focusing on just onepic is getting harder & I ended up taking more today,my kids were outside playing & of course I had to take more pics of them,you never know what your going to catch them doing,lol!The first pic I decided to take because it is a mini green house that the kids got for chistmas & we have planted some pumpkin seeds in there,altho im not sure they are actually going to grow ..... and the the next couple pics are of Alicia my 2yr old & Tyler my 10yr old (11 VERY soon) Alicia was on top of her playhouse,yes on top of it,seems to be her favorite thing to do,probably cause I just hate her being up there & make her get down,I had to take some pics first tho she kept saying CHEESE momma.Ok im off to catch up on some housework & hopefully later I can look at everyone elses pics & also get everyone linked up ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hello Again ;)
So today I decided to take a pic of this odd little jalapeno.I love when you catch something like this.Nature can be so funny cant it?I think I will be looking for more oddities in nature this year.If you are taking part in 365 & are looking for a forum full of people doing the same please join me at Studio Girls also Vicki is a FAB designer & has her photos up for you to look at.Ok thats it for me today,I need to go have a look at everyone elses pics ;).
I used the soft snap on this pic but im not seeingthe difference,are you?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching Up-Day 1 & 2

2nd day we have the hubby & my only daughter Alicia shes 2 1/2 and this was also her time to spend some time with daddy watching spongebob.This one I decided to take the red eye reduction off,well it took away that extra flash but um ended up with red eye,which I know is easily fixed PS/CS2 has a wonderful one click trick.I didnt do it here tho just to show what I was trying to do.I have a few settings on my camera ive never used so beware,lol!

Ok so I have been taking my pictures but have been & still am sick so im a tad behind,lol!
Anyways I think this is going to be a really fun way to remember the year & learn how to really use my camera better.I have a Sony CyberShot so big girl camera for me but hopefully that will change soon,after I figure out the one I have ;).
So my first day we have a pic of my hubby & my 4yr old son making orange juice,Ezequiel (myson) just loves using the juicer & loves drinking the juice even more.i took this one because it was just simply one of those together times we all get so few of,so the pic needs some help some filters would be good for it & a bit of cropping.Will work on that on the end of the week layout!